Organic & Vegan Keto Coffee

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A blend of the finest organic Colombian Arabica dark roast coffee with organic MCT Oil from coconuts.

  • Fits perfectly into a keto lifestyle or diet
  • Medium Chain Triglycerides (MCT) are converted into ketones in the body
  • Keeps you feeling satiated and alert
  • Provides fast, sustained energy

Dairy-free, sugar-free and gluten-free

Tub size – 100g, makes 40 cups (just 45p per cup)


  • icon-gluten-free Gluten Free
  • icon-nut-free Nut Free
  • icon-organic Organic
  • icon-soya-free Soya Free
  • icon-vegan Vegan


Keto coffee is also known as bulletproof coffee.  It’s used as part of a Keto Diet, which requires you to reach and stay in ketosis.  Ketosis requires you to drastically reduce your carbohydrate consumption while drastically increasing healthy fats in your diet. So those following this eating plan must find ways to consume “extra” fat.  That’s one of the reasons to drink keto coffee – it’s coffee with added fat.

MCT Oil is a popular alternative to butter when making keto coffee. It doesn’t contribute any carbs, but it supplies extra ketones which provide energy and supercharge the fat burning process, while adding a wealth of health benefits at the same time.

Organic Columbian Arabica coffee

Columbia has a long history of coffee farming and has the perfect growing conditions and a unique varieties of beans. Our Arabica coffee is grown at higher elevations than other arabica coffees and this, combined with the unique climate and soil conditions, contribute to a smoother, richer taste.  We searched long and hard to find a great tasting instant coffee that would satisfy the most descerning of pallettes, and we think we’ve found a really bold, flavoursome coffee.

Organic MCT Oil from Coconuts

Our MCT oil from coconuts enables us to make a vegan version of a bulletproof coffee.  It provides the body with a quick energy source, and may support weight loss.  It’s commonly used by those on a keto plan to enable you to have a black coffee which also satiates the body.

Pink Himalayan Salt

We’ve added a tiny pinch of Pink Himalyan Salt to enhance the flavour of the coffee.  This salt is mineral rich and contains magnesium, calcium and potassium, and is great at helping the body to detoxify.

Typical nutritional values per 100g (single serving = 1 teaspoon 2.5g)

Energy (kJ) 1004.9
Energy (kcal) 240.3
Total fat 14g
of which saturates 14g
Available Carbohydrates 0.8g
Total Sugars 0g
Fibre 5.02g
Total Protein 1.4g
Sodium as salt <0.01g

What is a keto coffee?

Keto Coffee is a delicious and convenient way to fuel your body with energy-boosting nutrients and promote healthy weight management. This instant coffee mix contains a blend of high-quality coffee beans and MCT oil powder, which are known to provide sustained energy and help suppress appetite.

Does keto coffee really work?

Keto coffee can help you power up your weight loss when you’re on a keto diet, while providing additional health benefits. 
Does keto coffee replace breakfast?
Bulletproof coffee is a high fat coffee drink intended as a breakfast replacement. It’s popular among people who follow a ketogenic diet. While it’s filling and energy-boosting, it comes with several potential downsides, including reduced overall nutrient intake, increased cholesterol, and high levels of saturated fat.

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