Our Story

Jane Nicholls launched Sweet Revolution after experimenting in her kitchen to create delicious and nutritious treats for her two teenage children. She launched her company with a range of raw chocolate products in October 2009.

Jane, Our Founder

Jane’s had an interest in health and wellbeing all her life which was fuelled when her son was found to have a dairy intolerance as a baby. Many years later this led her to study naturopathic nutrition and Sweet Revolution developed as a result, reflecting her passion for natural, clean and wholesome food.

Sweet Revolution’s range of innovative lattes includes turmeric, raw cacao, matcha green tea, reishi chai, beetroot and chicory. Using the finest wholefood ingredients grown in organic, nutrient rich soils, they’re all vegan and free from dairy, refined sugar, gluten and/or caffeine. We’re passionate about creating recipes for great tasting drinks that nourish your body and feed your soul.