Our Products

We’ve created a range of delicious super-blend lattes which use superfoods and spices instead of coffee. The recipes are designed with an emphasis on taste as well as wellbeing in mind, and they’re super quick and easy to make. The range currently consists of six flavours which are available in two blends – an instant blend which has a base of coconut milk powder and can be made simply by adding water, and a Barista Blend which is made by adding any type of milk.
Our products

Innovative Ideas

We carefully source all our ingredients ensuring they are ethically produced to high organic standards and are the very best available. All our lattes are plant-based and certified organic and vegan.

Barista Blends

Our barista blends are designed to be made by adding any type of hot milk and make a creamy, indulgent hot drink. The blends can also be used to make frappes by adding the latte mix to cold milk and crushed ice.

Instant Blends

Our instant blends have a base of coconut milk powder and are made simply by adding water. They make a lighter drink than our barista blends and are a perfect solution when you’re away from home or simply short of time.