On 13th November, we celebrate World Kindness Day, which is an initiative to make kindness the norm, not the exception.

After the last 18 months we have had, many of us have faced new challenges and overcome situations we never every considered before. The world slowed down, we couldn’t do the things we normally would, and couldn’t connect with people in ways we were used to. Now, the world is ramping back up and life is getting busy and stressful, and we are getting back into our previous routines without a second thought.

This is your reminder to be kind to yourself. Slow down, reflect on those things you prioritised over the last 18 months and make sure you make time for them. For me, they would be slowing down and connecting with my friends and family. Although they were uncertain times, I really valued the pace of life slowing, realising I had time to think and reflect. Time to do the things that I wouldn’t normally do, like losing myself in a good book or simply just sitting down with a Latte and watching the world go by. I am now taking pleasure from being able to invite people over for a coffee and just spend time in someone’s company.

So, make sure to cut yourself some slack, pour yourself a Latte and be kind to yourself. Do an intentional act of kindness for yourself, and then pass it on and do an intentional act of kindness for someone else.