AIYA growing matcha under cover


Matcha is an ingredient that I first heard about 7 years ago sat in a small teahouse in Cardiff. Being a lover of trying new things, I ordered my large mug of Matcha Tea and sat back into the armchair to enjoy it. Needless to say (and I am sure lots of you can agree with me here) a Matcha Tea, made purely from the green powder and water, wasn’t the delightful experience on the taste buds I was expecting. My friend, who also tried it, likened it to a watery spinach soup…

However, now I knew the word ‘Matcha’, I saw it everywhere. It was clearly gaining in popularity and I wanted to understand why. This green powder had caught my attention.

After some researching, I started to understand why it was being hailed as a ‘superfood’ and being recommended as a great alternative to coffee. From the slow release caffeine which gives you energy without a following caffeine crash (thanks L-Theanine) to the high dose of antioxidants which can protect you against disease. Matcha has many of the same benefits to Green Tea as it comes from the same plant, yet it is grown differently, making it one of a kind. The farmers cover their Matcha tea plants for nearly a month before harvest in order to avoid direct sunlight – this increases chlorophyll production, boosts the amino acid content, and gives the leaves their unique dark green hue.

Sounds great, right?

Right. But now I had a challenge on my hands. How to create a Matcha drink that harnesses all the benefits but also is drinkable enough for my friends and family to enjoy.

It started with a journey to source the perfect Matcha Powder. And what better place to look than Japan, where this powder had been used for 1200 years for its health benefits. We sourced an Organic Japanese Matcha powder (specifically from Kyushu) which certainly packs a punch. As we do with all our instant drinks, we teamed this with our Organic Coconut Milk Powder and Organic Crystallised Coconut Nectar and began experimenting. Then we added some Vanilla – and wow! I was sure my friends and family could not turn their noses up at this.

It took a while (and many mugs of Matcha), but our Instant Matcha Latte was ready to go. You can now find our Instant Matcha Lattes in stores across the country and online via our website. Further development lead us to a Barista version, which is without the Coconut Milk Powder, allowing you to add your mylk or milk of choice. Our Barista versions are served in independent cafes and delis, as well as available to purchase for home use.

We pride ourselves in providing a range of drinks that are all free from dairy and refined sugar, with most also being free from gluten. We keep ingredients to a minimum as to us, what goes in is just as important as what doesn’t! Our Matcha Latte is now one of our best sellers (and actually my favourite).

Here are our favourite ways to enjoy one of our Instant or Barista Matcha Lattes:

Instant Matcha Latte

  • Place a tablespoon of Instant Matcha Latte powder into your favourite mug
  • Mix with a little cold water or mylk to make a paste
  • Top up with boiling water and give another good stir
  • Put your feet up, snuggle the dog on your lap, and enjoy!

Barista Matcha Latte

  • Place a teaspoon of Barista Matcha Latte powder into your favourite mug
  • Mix with a little hot water to dissolve
  • Heat your milk in a separate mug (you can even froth it if you are feeling fancy), then pour over the Matcha mix and stir well
  • Get your slippers on, grab a biscuit, and enjoy!
Jane, Founder 
18 jun 20