Mushroom coffee may seem like an interesting combination, but it is a growing market and becoming increasingly popular, especially within the health and wellness space. With many looking for alternatives to their regular morning coffee, chai lattes, matcha lattes and now mushroom coffee are the go-to drink of choice. But what exactly is mushroom coffee and is it good for you? In this blog post, we reveal all and determine if mushroom coffee is good for you. 

  • What is mushroom coffee?
  • What mushrooms are used in mushroom coffee?
  • What are the benefits of mushroom coffee?
  • Is mushroom coffee good for you?
  • Shroom Coffee with Sweet Revolution 

What is Mushroom Coffee? 

Mushroom coffee is far from your standard cup of coffee and is an experimental blend of traditional coffee beans and medicinal mushroom powder, making for a unique drink. Medicinal mushrooms are used within mushroom coffee due to their celebrated health benefits, some of which have been used for centuries. Adding these powerful mushrooms to a coffee therefore takes it to the next level, providing more than just a caffeine fix. 

Whilst many might be put off by the idea of mushrooms in a morning coffee, worried about the taste, be rest assured that the normal flavours of the coffee remain, albeit with a subtly earthy undertone from the mushrooms, of which many say compliments the coffee beautifully. Mushroom coffee has gained popularity in recent years amongst health enthusiasts, intrigued by the combination of ingredients, as well as coffee connoisseurs who want to try something new.

What Mushrooms Are Used in Mushroom Coffee?

Mushroom coffees can contain a number of different mushrooms, all of which are functional mushrooms, otherwise known as medicinal mushrooms. Each mushroom contains unique health benefits, helping to transform traditional coffee into a holistic wellness drink. These mushrooms are incorporated into the coffee in a dried and ground format, ensuring a smooth blend and a great drinking experience. 

Some of the most common mushroom types you will find in mushroom coffee include Reishi (Ganoderma Lucidum), Turkey Tail (Coriolus Versicolor), Lion’s Mane (Hericium Erinaceus), Chaga (Inonotus Obliquus) and King Trumpet (Pleurotus Eryngii). 

What are the Benefits of Mushroom Coffee?

As mentioned, mushroom coffee can offer a number of health benefits and has been used for centuries within traditional medicinal practices such as Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM). Many people applaud the health and wellbeing benefits they’ve reaped from medicinal mushrooms, and the incorporation of them into a daily coffee makes them an accessible way to consume them. To understand a little more about the benefits of mushroom coffee we’ll look at the three mushrooms used in our yummy Shoom Coffee at Sweet Revolution: Chaga, Reishi and Lion’s Mane. 

All of these mushrooms are recognised as adaptogens, which are a type of phytonutrient that helps the body adapt to stressful conditions, such as extreme temperatures, infections or injuries. Another quality of these mushrooms is their high levels of beta-glucans, which are recognised as one of the most powerful and healing polysaccharides, with their ability to effectively activate the immune system. 

Chaga: High in Antioxidants 

Chaga is a medicinal mushroom often named ‘The King of Medicinal Mushrooms’ given its high levels of superoxide dismutase (SOD). This is an enzyme that helps to reduce the damage that super-oxides cause on the body and has been shown to act as an antioxidant and anti-inflammatory. 

Reishi: Immunity Boosting

Reishi is another powerful medicinal mushroom, known as the ‘Mushroom of Immortality’. Hundreds of biologically active molecules can be found in this mushroom which are recognised to promote a healthy immune system. 

Similar to Chaga mushrooms, they contain anti-inflammatory compounds that have been recognised for inhibiting histamine, a chemical that is responsible for allergic reactions. 

Lion’s Mane: Central Nervous System Health

Lion’s Mane contains several active ingredients such as the cyathane derivatives hericenones and erinacines which are recognised for NGF (promoting nerve growth factors) synthesis. NGF helps to maintain the overall health of the central nervous system and hericenones are recognised for stimulating NGF production, and thus stimulating the production of new neurons in the brain! 

Is Mushroom Coffee Good for You?

Now you may be wondering, is mushroom coffee actually good for you? As we have outlined, medicinal mushrooms can offer you a vast number of health benefits to support overall health and wellbeing. With regular consumption, you can reap the benefits that these powerful mushrooms have to offer. For easing dosing, mushroom coffee offers an easy way to get the right dose per day, whilst providing a beautiful morning ritual and an added caffeine boost!

To really make the most of taking mushroom coffee, we recommend looking for products that contain high-quality mushrooms. Some mushroom coffees may contain minimal quantities of mushrooms or be loaded with artificial sweeteners which can minimise the health benefits. 

Shroom Coffee with Sweet Revolution

At Sweet Revolution, we take pride in our ingredients and drinks. Our Founder set out on a mission to create a range of drinks that nourish your body and feed your soul. Our organic Shroom Coffee blend only contains high-quality dual-extracted Reishi, Lion’s Mane and Chaga mushrooms, combined with delicious organic Coloarabica coffee. This unique combination of coffee and medicinal mushrooms provides you with the same delicious flavour and energising nature of coffee without the traditional ‘jitters’ and ‘crashes’ that standalone coffee can give. 

Our Shroom Coffee is an instant blend that you make in the same way as any instant coffee. Even better, this delicious drink is completely dairy, sugar and gluten-free making it even more irresistible! Each serving of our organic Shroom Coffee provides 500mg of dual-extracted mushrooms, ensuring you have the best chance of reaping all the health benefits of these amazing mushrooms. 

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