Chai lattes are a beloved beverage for so many. Their aromatic and comforting spices and creamy texture really sets them apart from any other type of tea or latte. However, before you start sipping on your cup of chai, it’s worth asking, does a chai latte contain caffeine? In the blog post, we’ve got the answer.

What is a Chai Latte?

Despite what the name might suggest, a chai latte contains no coffee! Instead, a chai latte consists of a chai masala (meaning spiced tea) base that originates and is commonly drunk in India. A chai latte is often sweetened with honey or sugar and finished with hot, steamed or frothed milk to give it its creamy texture and taste. 

If you were making chai masala from scratch, it would involve brewing black tea and spices to form a fragrant and flavorful brew. However, the Western introduction of the chai latte makes them much more accessible and there are now many ready-made blends and powders on the market so that you can create your own chai latte at home

Deconstructing the Chai Latte

To understand the caffeine content within a chai latte, we need to deconstruct its ingredients.

Black Tea 

Black tea is the traditional base of a chai latte. The type of black tea will vary depending on the blend, however, a more traditional blend is usually either Assam or Daleeging tea, which are both known for their strong flavour, but also higher caffeine content. According to the USDA, there are approximately 47 mg of caffeine within an 8 fl oz cup of black tea, however, it’s important to know that other factors like the amount of brewing time and the type of black tea used can impact the amount of caffeine within a cup. 

Because a chai latte is a more diluted version of a traditional masala chai, it could be suggested that its caffeine content is slightly lower than a straight black tea, but could still be significant depending on the blend. If you want to know the caffeine content of a chai latte, it’s always a good idea to enquire about what tea base is used, as some chai blends use green or even caffeine-free tea. 


The spices infused with the black tea are what give a chai latte its aromatic, spicy and flavourful taste. Every blend of chai is different, but common spices to include are ginger, cinnamon, cardamom, black pepper, cloves and star anise, all of which don’t contain caffeine.


The hot steamed or frothed milk is another vital component of the chai latte by literally putting the ‘latte’ in ‘chai latte’. It’s the combination and mixing of the fragrant chai base with the milk that creates the velvety and creamy texture of a chai latte. Depending on preference, dairy or dairy-free alternative milk can be used to create a chai latte, but remember that certain dairy-free alternatives could slightly alter the taste of your chai latte. The milk aspect of a chai latte doesn’t contain caffeine. 


Chai lattes are traditionally sweetened with sugar or honey to enhance the taste and bring balance to the overall flavours. Although a sweetener contributes to the overall taste, they do not add any caffeine. 

Our Chai Latte Blends uses raw, unrefined coconut nectar which is a sugar alternative made from the nectar of coconut blossom and is also rich in nutrients as well as having a lower GI than refined sugar. 

Does Chai Latte Have Caffeine? 

It can be said that a traditional chai latte does contain caffeine, due to the use of black tea. This level of caffeine will vary on the blend of chai but is thought to be considerably less than a cup of coffee, which the USDA states is nearly 95 mg of caffeine per 8 fl oz cup

What’s a Dirty Chai Latte? 

It’s important to understand what a dirty chai latte is and not to get it confused with a regular chai latte, especially if you are conscious of your caffeine consumption. A dirty chai latte is essentially a chai latte but with the addition of one or two shots of espresso coffee, making it the best of both worlds for those who love coffee and chai! A dirty chai latte will therefore definitely contain caffeine with the addition of the espresso shots and the black tea base. 

Can You Get a Caffeine-Free Chai Latte?

Although traditional chai lattes made with black tea will contain caffeine, there are plenty of chai latte blends that are caffeine-free. Whether they are made with a caffeine-free tea base or include no tea at all, they are a great choice if you wish for a cosy and warming chai latte before bed, knowing that it won’t impact your sleep. 

Caffeine-Free Chai Latte Blends with Sweet Revolution

At Sweet Revolution we have a selection of organic, caffeine-free chai latte blends that are our take on a traditional masala chai but with added boosts of super goodness in the form of Reishi Mushrooms for stress relief and relaxation, and Blue Spirulina which is a natural antioxidant and aids immune regulation. 

As well as being caffeine-free, both our Barista Blends and Instant Blends are free-from refined sugar, nuts, gluten and soya making them suitable for the majority of dietary requirements. Our delicious take on traditional spiced chai uses nutmeg, cinnamon, cardamom, ginger, cloves and black pepper, with some blends also containing fragrant vanilla and orange.